Meaning Of killing Lizard In Dream


Meaning Of killing Lizard In Dream

Friends, our topic today is what is the result of killing a lizard in a dream? It is auspicious or it is auspicious, the world of dreams is very beautiful and pleasant, but sometimes we see such dreams, due to which fear sits in our hearts and minds. People have a tendency to get scared by seeing small creatures Especially women get sweaty on hearing the name of lizard, our body gets goosebumps on hearing the name of lizard. Think in such a situation, if you dream of a lizard, then you will first wake up and see if the lizard comes around you. First of all, we know what is the relation of seeing a lizard killed by us in our real life.

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meaning of killing lizard in dream

Some scholars argue that seeing a lizard killed in a dream reflects our current situation. In which we are very much afraid of something inside, like maybe our married life is not going well and we are afraid that our life partner will leave us, sometimes in our every work Success starts coming and goes far away from us, in such a situation, anger and inferiority complex arises in our mind and we see such dreams, by the way, lizard is considered as the form of Lakshmi, it is said that the house where the number of lizards is more there is the abode of goddess Lakshmi,

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But come, what is the meaning of seeing a lizard killed in a dream, we try to know through dream science whether the dream of killing a lizard is auspicious or inauspicious.

meaning of killing lizard in dream

Answer:- If any man or woman has seen in the dream that he is killing or killing a lizard, then you need to be careful. Because this dream is very inauspicious, this dream reflects the difficult struggles you will face in the coming future. Your work and business will get spoiled and you will become helpless on the social front also because you will not get help from anyone, your own will turn away from you when you are in need, you will get angry and your mental condition is likely to be pathetic. And the brain will not be able to concentrate on doing any work.

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meaning of killing lizard in dream

Answer:- If you belong to the business class and you have seen yourself killing a lizard in your dream, then your business is going to collapse, you may also have to face financial loss. Debt may also increase on you, people’s trust in you will decrease, due to which there will be many obstacles in business, along with increasing mental disturbance, anger will also increase, you should meditate to reduce the effect of this dream. And the birds should be fed.

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If this dream has been seen by a patient, then it is not a good sign for him, along with increasing the dose of medicines, it is possible that you will be in the grip of many other diseases, the expenditure on medicines will increase, but the benefit in health is negligible. To reduce the side effects of this dream, feed green fodder to a black cow on Wednesday, it can get rid of diseases to some extent. Hope you all have liked this article of mine, we will keep giving you information about other types of dream fruits,

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