seeing gold in dreams

seeing gold in dreams


Friends, today I have come up with a new topic for all of you, on which we will discuss in detail, so let’s know what is our topic today, is seeing gold in dreams auspicious or inauspicious? The world of colorful dreams is very lovely and unique. Dreams encourage us to move forward. The world of dreams is very wonderful in which we can see the fulfillment of all our wishes which are fulfilled somewhere in real life. The chances of that happening are slim to none.

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What happens in such a situation when the dream comes of gold. Gold, whose various ornaments are worn by men, women and children, it is believed that wearing gold increases our strength and we emerge as an influential person. Gold also strengthens our Jupiter, so that we can get education achieve success in related tasks.

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Gold, in whose glitter people lose their senses, after wearing which increases our ability to do any work, people of old times used to eat food in gold utensils, which made their personality very impressive and There was a lot of weight in his words and physically those people were very physically strong and their intelligence and discretion was also very sharp, so let’s know what he says.


We try to know about seeing gold in our dreams whether this dream is auspicious or inauspicious through this post.


dreaming of gold

Answer:- If you are from a business class and you have seen gold in your dream, then it shows that now your luck is going to shine like gold and you are going to be stronger financially and socially. However, your various tasks are going to be completed, you are going to count hard notes by doing both hands, you are going to get happiness from all sides and your future will be very bright.

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meaning of seeing gold in dream

Answer:- If gold is seen by an unemployed young man or woman in a dream, it means that some big change is about to come in his life and this dream is also an indicator that his future will be very good and your Various troubles coming in life will also end and your glory will increase like gold and like gold your fortune and your honor will also shine.


seeing gold in dream

Answer :- If the family members of a sick person have seen gold in the dream, it means that now he is going to get health benefits and his life is going to be filled with light, now the black darkness of his life is going to disappear. And his life is going to be illuminated with light, now he is going to get health benefits as well as economic benefits, various sources of income will also increase, due to which the economic condition will be very strong and now the money will be put to good use.


seeing gold in dream

Answer :- If gold is seen by a newly married couple in a dream, it means that soon they will get son’s wealth or daughter’s wealth like gold and their luck is going to open because the time to come will shine like gold. The hair will be shiny and after having a child, the key to her luck will open and economic prosperity will remain in her house and the atmosphere of happiness will remain in her house, the blessings of Maa Lakshmi will continue to shower on her.


interpretation of gold

Answer:- If you have seen sleeping people in a dream, it means that the time has come to reap the fruits of their hard work because Maa Lakshmi is about to shower her blessings on them and allow them to go abroad. Yoga will also be formed and he will also occupy a high position, he is likely to get good news from his family as well, happiness is about to arrive in his house.

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Seeing gold in the dream


Answer:- If a woman or a man who has a child has seen this dream, it means that in the coming days she is going to get very good news from the child side and the future of her child is also like gold. It will be golden, now his social reputation is going to increase, maybe because of the children, he will get respect and various sources of money will also open.



There will be an atmosphere of happiness all around and your home will be like a temple. Your children will obey and respect you, whatever bad habits you have, you will get rid of the addiction of all those bad habits. If this dream has been seen by any class, then it will always be auspicious and its result will always be good, I hope you all have got the answers to your questions.


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