Seeing mosque in dream, mosque dream interpretation

Seeing mosque in dream, mosque dream interpretation

Introduction to Mosque dreams

Mosque dreams are the holy place of Muslims. Which is called the abode of God. Just as the temple is sacred to our Hindus, the mosque (mosque dream interpretation) is sacred to Muslims. Friends, you all must know Jama Masjid. Friends, the cost of building Jama Masjid in the time of 1600 century was about 10 lakh rupees. More than 5000 people were hired to make friends Jama. It took 6 years to build this mosque. This mosque (mosque in dream) was made of sandstone and white marble. In this mosque (mosque dream means), 25 thousand people can sit together and offer Namaz. Situated in Chandni Chau, the capital of the country, New Delhi, this mosque is one of the largest mosques in India.

The dream of meanings

According to the dream astrology, seeing a mosque in a dream (mosque) is an auspicious dream. This dream is a very good dream that you have seen the mosque. This dream is good if you are from any religion. Because the mosque is a sacred place. Where Muslim (mosque) people offer Namaz. Friends, dreams come to everyone and every dream has some meaning. If you have seen a dream once, it does not mean that if you see a dream again and again it means. Friends Sapna tells us about what is going to happen to us in the coming times. Our subconscious mind tries to tell us through dreams about what is going to happen to us in our future so that we can know it and be able to get the most out of it or be careful.

Seeing mosque in the dream

According to the dream astrology, if a person sees a mosque in his dream, then in the coming time, there will be prosperity in his life. Thus, we can say that this dream is a very auspicious dream.

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