Seeing iron nails in a dream, sapne me keel dekhna

Seeing iron Nails in a Dream (sapne me keel dekhna)

Introduction of iron nail

Hello friends

You all must know that what is called keel is iron nail which we push in the walls. When there is an object in our house that we have to hang on the wall, we use iron nail dream meanings. Whenever I bring anything that I have to put on the walls of my house like Janmashtami, I bring photos of Lord Krishna to my house and put it on the walls of my house. Friends, we all use nails. So friends, let’s go, how is this seen in dream astrology? (Iron nail dream interpretation)

Dream astrology and nail

Friends dream everyone comes but any dream we remember, no dream we remember, but friends who dream is good, then that dream we remember and that dream is bad (sapne me keel dekhna) that dream is also us Remember Friends, a dream comes to fruition when that dream is visible to you in different ways, if a dream appears to you only once, then it does not make any sense (sapne me keel) if you have seen the same dream two to three times then that Gives its fruit. Like I just said, friends, in different ways, it means that like you saw a iron nail in a dream and you saw a iron nail the next day, but that place is different as you saw before, it still means that you saw the iron nail. It does not matter in place. Similarly, if you see a iron nail in a dream, then this dream is considered a bad dream according to the dream astrology. This dream indicates the partition of the house. (Sapne me keel)

Question 1. To see the nail in the dream.

Answer: According to the dream astrology, if a person sees a iron nail in his dream (sapne me keel) then this dream is considered a bad dream, this dream indicates that his house will be divided in the coming time if this dream is someone If a woman sees it, it also indicates a dream for her to be divided in her family in future too.

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