diabetes treatment

 diabetes treatment

diabetes treatment

(daybitij ka upchar)

1. The new or old patient of diabetes should not consume sweet sugar substances, in this disease, it should be taken to walk slowly and come here and there in the morning.

2. Jam of jambule 5 tola gold 5 tola gurjamar booti 10 tola, grind them all and grind them in guarpathe juice and make 44 tablets by taking them thrice a day with water, diabetes is cured quickly.

3. Rub four green and soft leaves of berries in a very fine 68 grams of water, filter it and drink it continuously for 10 days in the morning, after that taking it every 2 months for 10 days is the best medicine to cure diabetes.

4. In the initial stage of restriction, chew 4 leaves of jambule in the morning and evening and eat on the third day, you will see benefit in diabetes.

5. Consuming bitter gourd is also very beneficial for diabetes.

6. Take 6 grams fenugreek seeds, and then soak it in water in the evening. It is very mixed in the morning and yellow without mixing it. Diabetes is cured by taking it for 2 months.

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