Meera bai, mira bai life story in English

Meera bai 

 mira bai life story in English

Biography of Meerabai: –

 (meera bai)

Meerabai was a devotee of Krishna. Meerabai was born in the village of Kurki in 1498 AD. Most scholars agree that Meerabai was born in a village called Kurki. Meerabai was married to Maharana Bhojraj of Udaipur. Meerabai was interested in Krishna devotee since childhood. Meera’s husband Bhojraj died a few days after the marriage. Meera’s devotion increased after her husband’s exile. Meerabai used to go to temples and dance and sing in front of Krishna devotee and Krishna idol. The Raj family did not like to sing Meerabai’s dance to Krishna devotion. Many times the royal family also tried to kill Meera Ji by drinking poison. Meerabai was very upset to see such behavior of the family members, so she left home and went to Vrindavan. He was respected by the people where Meerabai went.

Text by Meerabai: –

 (meera bai)

Parliament Hill
Barsi’s Myra

Geet Govind Teeka

Raag govind

Posts of Raga Sorath

Meera bai’s devotion

Madhuri Bhava was found more in Meera Ji’s devotion. She used to worship her presiding deity Krishna as her husband or Pritam. My brother believed that apart from Krishna, there is no other person in this world. Meerabai became obsessed with Krishna’s form.

Stay in my eyes Lord Krishna…..

Meerabai considers Raidas as her mentor –

‘Guru Milia Raidas Dinhi Group of Knowledge’.

Mirabai ji has composed many of his posts in Rajasthani mixed language. Despite not being a poet of Mirabai’s birthright, he has attained the position of poetry in devotion. Meerabai was a devotee of Krishna and did not like anything other than Krishna, Meerabai died in 1546 AD.

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