seeing scales in dream, sapne me taraju dekhna

seeing scales in dream, sapne me taraju dekhna

Meaning of scales

The meaning of taraju is very deep. We use scales to break a wide variety of objects, many people also use scales dream meanings to weigh, there are many types of scales. , If we talk according to the dream astrology, then the scales have special importance in dream astrology. Looking at the scales tells us what to look forward to and warns us about the scales in the dream Whatever you are about to do or doing, that work will be complete, this dream indicates this. To dream of scales means  that you should weigh all aspects of any situation in your life before making an important decision. The scales symbolize equality, justice and good judgment. If you see yourself standing and weighing on the scales, it means that you have made a mistake recently.

Scales and dreams dream 


According to the dream astrology, it is a very auspicious dream to see the scales, the dream of the scales is visible to the person who is doing or is going to do it and thinks about that task then that person in the dream Scales appear. You will know what the importance of scales tells in dream astrology. Scales dreams are very important in dream astrology. Seeing scales in dreams is considered a very auspicious dream. The appearance of scales in dreams indicates many things to us. If a person sees the scales, then whatever kind of work he is about to do or doing, the work that the person is going to achieve in that task means that the work he is doing will be completed completely. This dream indicates this. Friends, our dream depends on how we look at the scales within the dream. In the scales, we are weighing something or we only see the scales or we see a person sitting inside the scales or If you see yourself sitting inside the scales, what will it mean? It depends on all these things, which friends we will know here, what will be the point of looking at the scales.

Question 1. scales dream interpretation

answer. If a person sees the scales in a dream, then be happy, this dream is a very auspicious dream. This dream indicates to us that whatever you are about to do or do, it will be completed impartially. The dream indicates this.

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