Types of pranayam, benefit of pranayam

Types of pranayam

Types of pranayam

Pranayama has special significance in our life, Pranayam is made up of a combination of 2 words Pran and Dimension, Pran means what we say when we breath up and down, and the dimensions that we do to keep our body healthy. . This is what Pranayama means. We do pranayama to keep our body healthy and body away from all types of diseases. This pranayama also intensifies our mind which when we breath up and down during pranayama, then a new energy is transmitted in our brain and the same fly starts communicating in the whole body which we call pranavayu.

What is Pranavayu, Pranavayu is the pranavayu that bestows the Goddess Shakti in my body. It gives us Shakti with Pranayam. There are many such powers that we can achieve by bowing, let us tell you that doing Pranayam is very It is necessary that by doing pranayama we do not have any kind of disease and the person who does pranayam always has a glow on his face.

Types of pranayam

1. Pulse Treatment Pranayama

2. Sheetali Pranayama

3. Ujjayi Pranayama

4. Kapalabhati Pranayama

5. Digran Pranayama

6. Bhastrika Pranayama

7. External Pranayama

8. Bhramari Pranayama

9. Udit Pranayama

10. Anulom Antonyms Pranayama

11. Agnisara Pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama: – 

1. By doing pranayama, we get rid of asthma and stress etc.

2. Doing Pranayama strengthens our strong will power.

3. We do not get any type of disease by doing pranayama, the person who does pranayama never gets cold.

4. By doing pranayama, there is a vital force in your body.

5. By doing pranayama, there will not be any kind of disease in your body and you will see a new energy in your body.

There are different stages of Pranayama. By doing Pranayama according to our need, we can overcome our troubles.

There are 11 main types of Pranayama and each one gets different types of fruits in salutation. If you do Alom Antonyms, then if you have problems in your pulse then you will get rid of them. Aloam inversion causes a new energy in your body called Pranavayu.

In the same way, there are 10 pranayam which have their own different importance, in the same way that the alom inverse transmits a new energy in the body, in the same way this pranayama is also very beneficial for keeping your body maintained.

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