pranayama for asthma in English

pranayama for asthma

pranayama for asthma

Pranayama is a simple way to cure diseases like asthma. The person who has asthma has a narrowing of the wind pipe. Because of which there is difficulty in breathing. Along with medicine, you can also do yoga. Pranayama is highly beneficial in curing diseases like asthma.

These three easy will give you relief from asthma

1. Anulom Antonyms

The method of breathing is repeated in the anulom-antonym. In this you have to sit in Padmasana. Close the left nostril with the left hand and then breathe through the right nostril. Then close the rash nose with the left hand and then exhale through the left nose. Initially do this activity for 3 minutes, and then later you can do it gradually for 10 minutes.

2. Uttanasana

In this posture, you have to stand down. But keep in mind that your waist should be straight. This asana is beneficial for asthma. Also, this posture also removes problems of constipation etc.

3. Breathing

This asana is considered the simplest posture among all asanas. First you lay a mat and lie down on that mat. Keep your palms upright and let loose. Leave a gap of about 1 foot between the two legs. Close your eyes and focus your attention on breathing. In this, along with asthma, your stress will also go away.

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