pranayama breathing in English : Benefits of Pranayama and Pranayama breathing

pranayama breathing in English

pranayama breathing

Pranayama is divided into two parts. Pranayama = Prana + Dimension. It literally means lengthening the breath, lengthening the life, that is, prolonging the life force. By flowing this life force into your body, it provides life force.

Pranayama is one of the eight organs of yoga. Ashtanga yoga consists of 8 processes.

1. Yama

2. Rules

3. Posture

4. Pranayama

5. Withdrawal

6. Assumption

7. Meditation

8. Tomb

Method of preparation

• First of all, pull the breath upwards and fill it in the lungs.

• Then release the breath slowly. Do this process according to your ability.


• While doing pranayama our body should be pure from inside and outside.

• Our spine should be straight while sitting.

• While doing pranayama, we should keep both our hands in the knowledge posture or in some other posture.

• If you are breathing and exhaling while doing pranayama, then this action should be done slowly.

• If any type of operation is done, then try Pranayama slowly after 6 months.

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