kapalabhati pranayama, kapalbhati benefits

Kapalabhati pranayama

Kapalabhati pranayama

First of all sit on your heel and let your stomach loose. Exhale fast. And pull the stomach inward, then exhale the breath and reconcile the abdomen like a throbbing stomach. Initially do this action 10 times, gradually or increase to 60. Can take rest in between. Or by doing the action, the air used in the lower part of the lungs, ie, carbon dioxide is released. And at the same time the excess fat on the stomach is eliminated, after doing this pranayama, do alom inverse as well, both and Pranayam should be done.

Kapalbhati benefits 

The benefits of doing kapalbhati are of various types.

Every person wants to see themselves good and every person wants me to be healthy always, I do not have any type of disease. Most diseases are caused by stomach. And this exercise cures various diseases, keeps our stomach clean and protects us from many types of diseases. We must do kapalbhati: There is beauty on our face by doing kapalbhati and eating oil dishes does not enhance the beauty of the face and we have many types of pimples, etc. ‘Kapalbhati’ is derived from Sanskrit ‘Kapal’ means ‘forehead’ and Bhati means ‘light’.

• By doing kapalbhati, the beauty of our face improves and we do not have pimples.

• We do not have any disease due to gas or any type of stomach due to Kapalbhati, most of the diseases are caused by stomach, if we eat any type of food i.e. oil dish, then we go inside because of smooth smoothness. Many types of diseases are encountered. But Kapalbhati is an exercise that will show beauty in your face by keeping your body healthy.

• Our memory is increased by doing kapalbhati.

• If a person does Kapalbhati regularly, if he has asthma, then that disease will go away.

• If a person is suffering from phlegm, then he must do kapalbhati, it will cure constipation.

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