gulal colour in English

gulal colour

gulal colour

Gulal is a colorful and dry powder used in the festival of Holi as a vaccine on the cheeks or on the forehead. Apart from this, it is also used in making Rangoli. Water is not saved, the colors of Holi of Gulal do not look good, where there are water colors for wet Holi, the same dry Holi also does not know anything less with Gulal Ok. These chemicals are made from both herbal forms. It is made almost from the colors or products obtained from the flora, but first the colors of chemicals started coming in. They mixed them in arrowroot and started making sharp and bright colored gulal.

For some years, people are getting attracted to herbal gulal again. Many types of herbal instruments are also available in the gulal markets. Due to non-use of chemicals, there is neither allergy nor eye irritation. Now everyone takes dried gulal in the market because this gulal of happiness does not harm the eyes nor is there any kind of allergy.

Effect of chemical dyes

Different types of dyes use different types of chemical chemicals. We should not use these chemical dyes made of chemical dyes. We should use herbal dyes like Gulal so that there is no effect on our skin and we are not allergic to any kind. Herbal colors are now becoming more visible in the markets. Because you only buy herbal dyes, do not buy chemical-rich dyes.

We talk about the colors made from chemical, if we buy purple color, then it uses a chemical called titanium and this chemical makes purple color, if we talk about blue color then whatever The color of Holi becomes blue, in which a chemical called venereal is used, if we talk about yellow color, then in yellow color they also use a chemical called nated or from this chemical. Does bring color.

Chemical dyes loss

Now we will talk about orange color, if we buy orange color, then this color is also a chemical colored color. In this orange, a chemical called dye chromate is used, due to which it appears orange. When we talk about green color, if someone buys a green colored chemical, then it also affects our skin. This chemical rich color means that green color has a chemical use called copper which can harm our skin. Does the work of

Using various types of chemical dyes makes us mostly a scheme problem. If we use any kind of chemical dyes then we feel allergic and irritation on the skin. The colors used in Holi are different types of chemical mixes. Due to which our skin and our body are damaged. The colors used in all different Holi have different effects. All types of colors that are used in Holi have a chemical mix and these chemicals also cause a lot of damage to our eyes.

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Holi Gulal

If we do not use colors made of chemical in Holi and use gulal which is made by natural, then we will not suffer any harm from these colors. We do not suffer any harm due to natural Holi gulal, if we talk about red color, then the natural gulal which is dry, this beetroot which gives us red color, it is made red from it, it does not spoil our skin. Do not let any kind of infection happen, similarly different colors which are made dry by natural, it does not harm our body. Sector nor we infections of any type so we must use dry Gualala. The colors made by Na Chemical should be used.

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