benefits of ayurveda in English, ayurvedic herbs

benefits of ayurveda in English, ayurvedic herbs

Benefits of ayurveda

Ayurveda has a cure for rooting out all types of diseases. If you are using Ayurvedic herbs, if you have any kind of problem, then you should not use Ayurvedic medicines without consulting doctors. Why Ayurvedic medicines can also harm us in many places. Because we do not know that if we are eating this Ayurvedic medicine then what will be the difference of this medicine on this disease.

If we use Ayurvedic medicines, then every Vedic medicines should not be used without consulting the doctor. Yes it is true that Ayurvedic has a cure to eliminate all kinds of diseases from root.

If you are using Ayurvedic medicines, then the rule is very important.

If we use Ayurvedic medicines, we have to take special kind of precautions. These drugs also have their own special rules. If you do not use these Ayurvedic medicines according to the rules, then these medicines can also harm you.

If you take medicines with your mind, then by taking these medicines also, the effect of these medicines on your body starts decreasing again. According to Ayurvedacharya, he has given a right time in the morning, afternoon time, evening time, and after dinner time, it is the right way to eat medicines all the time. If you eat medicines from your mind at any time, whether it is Ayurvedic medicines or English medicines, you may face trouble in both.

What is the view of scientists on Ayurveda

There are many health ailments in your kitchen. Yes but all these herbs are considered right for Khushi Hut. If we talk about the scientific point of view, then the scientists do not fully agree with this, according to them every Ayurvedic nukes is beneficial for the body, this cannot be considered.

Everything is not very good. It is also important to know the quantity of Ayurvedic herbs of all types that keep good health. We do not know that we should eat so many Ayurvedic herbs in this disease. What happens with this is that those herbs can also harm us.

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