mahatma gandhi death

mahatma gandhi death

mahatma gandhi death: –

    Mahatma Gandhi’s full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Mohandas Karam Chandra Gandhi was shot dead in the evening of 30 January 1948 AD at Birla Bhawan in New Delhi. Mahatma Gandhi used to go to pray every evening. On the evening of 30 January 1948, while going for medieval prayer, Nathuram Godse I first touched Mahatma Gandhi‘s feet and then fired three bullets with a Beretta pistol. At that time Gandhi was surrounded by his people.

In this case, eight people including Nathuram Godse were accused of conspiracy to murder. Many people were hanged on charges of killing Mahatma Gandhi. He left the rest due to the Supreme Court finding no evidence against the rest.

Mahatma Gandhi went to Birla Bhavan at 5:00 pm to pray when Gandhiji was in a meeting with Sardar Patel. At 5:15, he remembered that he was getting late for prayer. On the evening of 30 January 1948, when Bapu was moving towards the stage with his hands on the shoulders of Aura and Manu, then Nathuram Godse came in front. Nathuram Godse folded his hands and said hello to Bapu. Manu walking with Mahatma Gandhi said, “Brother, leave the way. Bapuji is already late for the meeting but Nathuram Godse pushed Manu and shot three bullets in Mahatma Gandhi‘s chest one after the other.”

After the death of Mahatma Gandhi, the police present there arrested Nathuram Godse. When Nathuram Godse was questioned in the court, Nathuram Godse confessed his crime. And they told that he or she had bought a gun from a refugee in Delhi.

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Nathuram Godse told that all the work that Bapu did was right but he divided the united India into two factions. For this reason I killed Mahatma Gandhi.

The Government of India decided from Nathuram Godse’s statement or decided that Nathuram Godse be hanged. Nathuram Godse was hanged on 15 November 1949.

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