Kabir das, Kabir das ke dohe in English

kabir das ,kabir das ke dohe

Life introduction of Kabir Das

 (kabir das): –

Kabir Das was a great poet of the poetry stream, he was born in Kashi in 1998 AD and Kabirji died around 1518, the poet did not get varied education but he gained knowledge through satsang tourism and experience. The works of Kabir, the chief poet of the Nirguna saint tradition, are mainly stored in the Kabir bibliography, but the collection of his works in the Kabir Panth is considered to be authentic. Some compositions are also compiled in Guru Granth Sahab.

Kabirdas was a very generous, fearless and true householder saint. Kabir, who believed in the unity of Rama and Rahim, denied all hypocrisy, discrimination and ritualism in the name of God. Kabirdas imagined a man free from religious and social discrimination in his poetry. His poetic expression of God, love, knowledge and disinterestedness, devotion, satsang and sage glory along with self-realization and world perception.

The poetic power of Kabirdas language can be his poetic power. Due to their proximity to the mass language, their poetic language has the power to express philosophical thinking and in a simple manner.

Couplets of Kabir Das Ji: –

 (Kabir dohe)

Parliament Hill
    Where are you looking for Moko, I am near you

    Neither in Deval nor I mosque, nor in Kabay Kailash
    Neither corner nor ritual, not yoga
    If you are searching, then you are looking for a moment
    Say Kabir, listen seekers, all in the breath of breath.

The compositions of Kabirdas: – (Kabir rachnaye)

Kabir Das ji has made a big contribution to Hindi literature through his unique work O, and has also tried to remove the evil practices spread in the society with his couplets.

The voice of Kabir Das, the great scholar of Hindi literature, has been written in three different forms, Sakhi Sabad Ramani. Which is famous as Bijak. The same collection of his compositions is found in the Kabir bibliography. It is a mixture of many languages ​​like Punjabi Awadhi Braj language, Khadi Boli etc.

Also, let us tell you that most of the books written by Kabir Das Ji are a large collection of Doha and songs. Whose number was 72.

Major compositions of Kabir Das

 Ji: – (Kabir das)

Kabir invoice

Holly agam
These are the major compositions of Sant Kabir Das Ji. And he has done many compositions that teach us. There are many compositions of Kabir Das ji and all the writings will be found in the Kabir bibliography.

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