Seeing lightning in a dream, lightning in dreams

Seeing lightning in a dream

According to dream astrology, dreams give information about our future, when we are in sleep, then our body is sleeping, then our soul is rotating around this world, our soul is informing our future through dreams. Which gives us what is commonly known as dream astrology, so now we know the meaning of seeing the lightning in the dream, although if the lightening in our life is there then it will not benefit us but it will please our mind is

So let us know in detail what is the meaning of seeing lightning in a dream.

Lightning in the dream 

Answer: According to astrology, to see the lightening in the dream, this dream gives auspicious results.

This dream tells that you can get profit in business in the coming time and if you do a job or job somewhere, then you can benefit in it, not only that, this dream is also a sign of money profit. Shining of lightning in a dream is an auspicious dream, so if you have liked this information then do not forget to write // 🙏Jay Mata Di in the comment.

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