What is the full form of CC

What is the full form of CC

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The full form of CC is Carbon Copy. If you want to send an email to your friend and you want the remaining 3 friends to know whether to send an email, then you can put the remaining 3 of your friends in the Email Address CC Field. The four friends on CC (cc full form) will know who has sent your email and the email address of those four will also be known to each other.

What is the full form of cc

Suppose a customer of the company in which you work works, a customer comes here and after taking any problem and your boss gives this job to you and your boss wants to see how you can communicate with the customer through email Let’s talk With this, the carbon copy (cc full form) of the email you are sending to the customer will also reach your boss.

cc full form in mail

The interesting thing in this is that your boss’s email address will also be visible to your boss. This is called CC (cc full form). But if you want to hide the email address of your boss from the customer and you want that your boss’s email address is not visible to the customer, then you can use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).

cc full form in computer

In today’s time, the word CC (cc full form) is very popular on the Internet among email users. Some people place their Email IDs in the CC (cc full form) field with the recipients name. The CC (cc full form) field is also used to send a message to more than one recipient. Today the word BCC is also used a lot on email. BCC (cc full form) stands for Empty Carbon Copy.

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