shiva in dream, god shiva in dream

god shiva in dream

shiva in dream, god shiva in dream

About Shiva (shiva dream meanings)

Friends, Lord Shankar is known to all of us in Hinduism.He is also known as a deity.He is also known as Mahadev, the God of Gods. He is called by many names Shiva, Shankar, Bholenath, Nageshwar, Shambhu Nath, Bhole Bhandari, also known by many names, is the abode of Shivaji Mount Kailash, Sheshnag is enthroned in his neck.

He is wearing a scorpion in the earlobe. Bholenath is very kind. He has two sons, both Ganesh and Karthikeya are very strong sons. Shankar ji is married to Mata Parvati. There are major obstacles in Shankar’s marriage. Let us know. What was all that congratulation.

Many evil demons had come in marriage to Shankar ji. Parvati’s father Daksha did not want to allow Parvati to marry Shankar ji because mother Parvati was the daughter of the king, he used to go to marry his daughter to a prince. Mata Parvati wanted Shivji only, Mata Parvati said that if she is married, then she will give up her life not only with Shivji, but even Daksha ji was adamant The reasons came running Shankar heard about the Goddess Parvati had abandoned in his life fire pit he Sngar of efficient law let friends know what is important to look at the Shankar dream according to their astrology.

Dream Astrology and Shankar (shankar dream interpretation)

According to the dream astrology, it is considered auspicious to see Shankar in a dream, this dream is very auspicious, according to astrology, there can be many meanings to see Shankar in a dream, so friends, let’s know to see Shankar in a dream What does it mean

Seeing Shankar in the dream (shiva in dream)

Seeing Shankar ji in the dream gives a very auspicious sign, this dream tells that you are going to be auspicious in the coming time, friends. Sapna also tells that you are going to get some good news, friends, do comment on our post.

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