pomegranate in dream, pomegranate dream meaning

pomegranate in dream

 pomegranate in dream, pomegranate dream meaning

Introduction of pomegranate

Friends, we all know pomegranate, it is a very red colored fruit, although this fruit is found in a hot state, from the point of view of health, this fruit is an important fruit. It is found in states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Gujarat etc. It was the first thing that the Romans came to know about pomegranate, they gave it more seeds and Jala apples used to say that pomegranates are known by many names in India.

Pomegranate in Bengali language is also called Bedana. Pomegranate in Hindi is called Daddim in Sanskrit and Madulai in Tamil. Pomegranate trees are beautiful or small in size. This tree has a big red flower before it comes to fruit, which is It is very attractive to be seen, researchers believe that this fruit is about 300 years old, whereas pomegranate is popular in India because of its health properties.

Dream Astrology and Pomegranate

According to the dream astrology, to see a pomegranate in a dream can be auspicious or inauspicious, according to astrology, a pomegranate is full of its health properties, a pomegranate is like a herb that helps to keep our healthy, so let’s know dreams. Does it mean to see pomegranate in dreams.

pomegranate dream meaning

According to dream astrology, seeing a pomegranate in a dream is a very auspicious sign, the dream tells that you are going to get wealth in the coming time, if a woman sees this dream, then this is the sign for her friends. Please comment how you like.

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