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Dream leader 


Leader introduction (leader dream meaning)

Hello friends
Today we will talk about what it means to see a leader in a dream, friends, you all will know. Such as: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Friends, he is called the leader who can tell the people about the interest of our country how he can make the country develop. When the election takes place, all the leaders say that I will make a road in your area, provide many affordable facilities, etc., we can say what a person thinks about his area, state, country and do so. The leader also understands how people should treat others through speech. Friends, to become a leader does not require much education. To become a leader, much experience is required.
Dream astrology and leader (leader dream meaning)


Dream astrology, to see a leader in a dream, to look at the misuse of a friend, to see a leader in a dream, a dream indicates that you will misuse your position in the coming time, that means you will misuse your position.

Seeing a Leader in a Dream (leader dream meaning)

According to the dream astrology, if a person sees a leader in his dream, then he will misuse his position in the future, if a woman sees this dream, then she will also misuse her position in the future.

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