shiv temple in dream, shiv temple dream meaning

Dream Astrology and Shiva Temple

Hello friends, all of you must know that Lord Shiva is known as Jagatguru. If someone sees the temple of Lord Shiva in a dream, then the dream here is a very auspicious (shiva temple dream interpretation) dream. This dream is visible to the person because of Lord Shiva. Nata was in his rebirth. Due to this reason, the temple of Lord Shiva or Lord Shiva is seen in the dream. According to the dream astrology, if a person sees the temple of Lord Shiva in a dream, then this dream is a very auspicious dream or dream tells this If you have any kind of physical pain in the near future, then you will get rid of it and this (shiva temple dream meanings ) dream also indicates that you should worship Lord Shankar. Should worship me gives me tell you that to see Shiva temple in the dream the dream appears to the person who is Shiva devotees.

Dreaming about Shiva temple If you dream about Shiva temple, it shows that you will get the blessings of two sons. A temple in a dream can also mean recovering from a disease. If someone suffers from a migraine headache, his temples are turned into iron in the dream, which means that he will get treatment for his illness.

Question 1. Seeing Shiva in a dream?

Answer: If a person sees Shivji in a dream, then this dream is a very auspicious dream.This dream indicates that if you have any kind of trouble then you will get rid of it and seeing Shivji in the dream also Indicates that you should worship Lord Shankar and worship him.

Question 2. Seeing Shiva Temple in a dream?

Answer: If a person sees Shiva temple in a dream, this dream is a very auspicious dream. This dream tells that the problems in your family will be overcome in the near future. Seeing the Shiva temple in a dream is a very auspicious dream. You should worship Lord Shankar and his blessings will always be on you.

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