seeing lord krishna in dream, krishna dream meanings

seeing lord krishna in dream

Lord Krishna and his life

Hello friends today, let us tell you what it means to see Lord Krishna in a dream Lord Krishna and Radha Rani have been considered the God of love, the story of which is the story of Radharani and Krishna’s love is prevalent in all India. And the story of Radha Rani’s love story is prevalent in many texts as far as reading you in texts like Mahabharata Krishna Leela Rasleela I will find that the love story of Lord Krishna and Radha ends after about 12 years, otherwise, if seen then, Lord Krishna started taking the fight of demons and demon kings only after taking birth. After killing Kansa, Lord Krishna got his parents free from the captive planet, after that, by killing many demon kings who were ruling the other way, the establishment of religion of Pandavas With the help of Duryodhana’s family and destroying all the kings who fought with them, in a way, Lord Krishna is never sitting in peace in his entire life, everyone is a monster. Having spent all his life in the establishment of religion, preparing to kill him, in the end, he voluntarily renounced the body from the arrow of the victims and took up his abode. If a person sees such a brave God Lord Krishna in a dream, then all the obstacles in his life are destroyed, the relationship is well established, the bad love between the husband and wife ends and the arrival of good love begins.

Lord Shri Krishna and Astrology

According to the dream fruit astrology, if a person sees Lord Krishna and Radha Rani in a dream, then there is a lot of happiness in their future life, there is a sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife and involuntarily destroying all their enemies. it happens. It happens because Lord Krishna first became infamous in the love of Radharani during his life time and then followed all the demons kings by destroying them. The establishment of Sri Krishna takes the support of the five Pandavas, making King Yudhishthira the king of India. After completing the work of establishing religion, after completing the curse of Durvasa Muni, he destroyed his entire lingua clan and himself was a fowler. Arrow in the hand caused death itself and went to Swam Dham. It is a matter of astrology that if any person B c Van Krishna’s devotee is natural to be his philosophy but gives his philosophy enemy destruction reported the arrival of love in the home and Lakshmi.

According to Sapna Astrology, all kinds of dreams are similar to seeing Lord Krishna in dream, but till date, only few people who provide inauspicious results like Lord Shri Krishna’s idol are seen in broken dreams. To see Krishna in battle and to see the idol of Lord Shri Krishna in a dream that gives auspicious results, dream of seeing photo of Lord Shri Krishna After seeing, seeing Sri Krishna in the dream, see Shri Radha Krishna in the dream, preaching to Lord Krishna and in the dream, doing Bihar with Sri Radharani, see all such dreams are considered to give auspicious results, so come to know that friends What is the result of seeing Lord Krishna in a dream, he looks down as a question answer.

Question 1. What does it mean to see Lord Krishna in a dream?

Answer: To see Lord Krishna in dreams means fulfillment of all desires.

Question 2. What does it mean to see an idol of Lord Krishna in a dream?

Answer: To see the idol of Lord Krishna in a dream is very auspicious, it means increasing happiness and prosperity in the family!

Question 3. Seeing the photo of Lord Krishna in a dream?

If a person sees the picture of Lord Krishna in a dream, then in the coming time, there will be happiness and peace in his family life.

Question 4. Seeing the broken idol of Lord Krishna in a dream?

If a person sees a broken idol of Lord Krishna in a dream, then in the future, there will be a quarrel in his family, there may be a quarrel fight between husband and wife, money loss and even dispute.

Question 5. Seeing Radha Krishna in a dream?

According to the dream fruit astrology, if a person sees Sri Radharani and God together in their dreams, their relationship will grow in their house in the coming time, the estrangement that the husband and wife had will end and all kinds of happiness will come in the house.

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  1. I saw Krishna(vishu) with Laxmi last night….I forget almost dream but only remember vishu and Laxmi ….n yes day before yesterday …. there was a horrible dream of ghost,wheare I was chanting hare Krishna Maha mantra in front of ghost which reduce my panic and gave my calm and peace.

  2. I done one Krishna idiol I kept in fountain .once I think it's will get damage by water …..then after three days ..I got dream Krishna ..back side one small crack …what it's means .

  3. Same thing happend with me sir… I saw ghost in my dream and i was chanting hare krishna and name of bhagwan hanuman.. Next day in dream i saw idol(moorti) of bhagwan Krishna and radha rani in dream

  4. I have seen in my dream Dwarka temple with Gomati river and Lord's aarti and when I looked up in the sky I saw the haven saints are dancing and lord Krishna with many hands giving blessings and lifted my hands with happiness towards to the all deva and Lord….what is that mean??

  5. I see that lord Krishna is doing dance with his best friend sudama in a temple and also I see bowl of water and tea(chaipatti) what does it mean?


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