Hen dream meaning, hen dream interpretation

Hen dream meaning, hen dream interpretation

Hen dream meaning, hen dream interpretation

About the hen: Friends, we all know the hen is a bird that we find around us, friends. The head of the hen has a crest which is red in color. The hen is a bird which is a little bit at low altitude. Many species of chicken are found in India for the time being. Chicken likes to walk on its feet. Male is called chicken and female is called chicken. Egg of chicken is very beneficial. It is because it contains protein. The hen always has a chosen place where the hen lays one or two eggs daily. The hen sits on her eggs to give birth to her children and gives heat to the eggs. The food of the hen is small insects and pieces of rice and other things. The hen is related to a bird that is reared in the house. The color of the hen is red The color is white and white. The dead is found mostly in rural areas. A hen lays eggs from one to two eggs daily. A hen’s egg is very beneficial for health because it contains protein. The hen is a good one found in India. Which is much larger than other birds and it has two legs. Chicken children are called chick, these chickens are small and white in appearance. There are many species of poultry found in our India, the hen sits on top of her to give birth to her children and gives them heat, which makes the chickens come out. The main food of the chickens is insects. If he says hen, we will tell you in your post, to see a hen in a dream, to see a hen in a dream No, dreaming of chicken chop, chicken catch dreams, egg hen dream So guys let you know what is the meaning of all these dreams.

1. Seeing Hen in Dreams

 Seeing the chicken in the dream is a very auspicious sign, this dream tells you that you are going to get the happiness of family life soon. The dream tells that your family life will be very happy

2. Seeing hen’s egg in the dream

Answer: – Seeing hen’s egg in the dream is a very auspicious sign, this sign indicates that you will benefit in your business or your business.

3. Eating Egg in Dreams

Answer: – Eating egg in a dream According to dream astrology, eating egg in a dream means that you are going to get money in your future time.

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