sardi jukam medicine in English

sardi jukam medicine in English

sardi jukam medicine in English

You will know that people often get cold in cold weather and these winters make people very upset. We should not take medicines to avoid these winters. As far as possible we should use Ayurvedic medicines. If we use English medicines, then after one disease is cured we will get another disease. There are many types of chemicals found in English medicines. Due to this, we have infection, itching in the feet and blood, there are many such diseases, so we should use as much English medicines as possible.

We tell you what is the best home remedy for winter cold. If you have a cold cold, then you should make the ginger that you use at home. And drink it in the morning and afternoon, you will get relief from it in two-three days. If you feel a sore throat due to cold, then you put a little salt inside the water and heat it lukewarm and melt it. By doing this, the soreness in your throat will go away and your throat will be completely clear.

Home remedies for colds

If you have a cold, do not use medicines at all. Ginger tea leaf basil, which is used in our house, will make a lot of benefit in the cold.

Turmeric and milk

There is another way to cure a cold cold. This method is a very simple way. If you have a cold cold, then you mix milk and turmeric, that is, you put a little turmeric inside the milk and heat it and lightly warm it. If it is hot, then you drink it bitterly and slowly, by doing this, the soreness in your throat will also go away and the cold that is your cold will also go away.


If you have a cold, then another panacea is to eat amla, because there is such an ability to remove such an antic batik disease inside the gooseberry that it will cure your cold. There is antioxidant inside amla, which is very beneficial in curing colds.

pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice soon cures cough, pomegranate juice has an anti-batik energy that if we eat it, pomegranate can remove many types of diseases in our body, there is another benefit in it. If you drink pomegranate juice or eat pomegranate then you will get rid of cough quickly.

carrot juice

Carrot juice is very beneficial for winter cold, if you drink carrot juice then your cold and cold will go away as soon as possible. But do not consume carrot juice with ice.

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