mahatma gandhi childhood

mahatma gandhi childhood

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mahatma gandhi childhood

The stories of Mahatma Gandhi‘s childhood, which gave freedom to the country through truth and non-violence, are quite interesting. Their school days were completely different from today’s children. He himself has revealed this in his autobiography ‘The Use of Truth.

Also, some memorable stories related to his childhood were made in his book by Principal JM Upadhyay when he was seven years old in Rajkot High School. There are some such memorable stories through this article, we will tell you further.

Gandhiji was addicted to smoking bidi with a relative. They did not have money to drink bidi. Therefore, after drinking his Kakaji bidi, which he gave up the lie, Gandhiji used to steal the same and drink with a relative alone. But the beedi could not be found all the time, so they started stealing money from the house servant’s pocket.

Now the problem was that where to hide the bidis, which they brought. The bidi brought from the stolen money also lasted a few days. Then they came to know about a plant whose stalk can be drunk like a bidi. But when he drank the stalk like a bidi, he was not satisfied.

Gandhiji has written a lot about his childhood in his autobiography ‘Truth and its experiments’ that father went to Rajkot from Porbandar. Then at the age of seven, I was admitted to the village school in Rajkot. I will hardly be a student of ordinary category. From village to suburban school and from there to high school. It was my twelfth year to reach here.

In the meantime I did not cheat the teachers any time. Neither did I become a friend until then. I was a very shy boy. Arrived when the bell rang and ran home as soon as the school closed. Because I did not like to talk. There was also the fear that I would feel bad if someone made fun of me.

In the autobiography, Gandhiji has also written that I was engaged three times, one by one. I do not even know when these three engagements took place. I was told that two of the girls died one after the other. That’s why I know that I had three engagements.

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