Kapalbhati yoga in English

Kapalbhati yoga in English

Kapalbhati yoga in English

There are different types of benefits from doing Kapalbhati. Kapalbhati is a yoga of hatha yoga. The skull is called Mastik and the Titi is hygienic. The two together are called Kapalbhati. Kapalbhati always shines on the face of the person doing this pranayama, but the person who does this pranayama regularly will see the glow on his or her own face.

There are various types of benefits from Kapalabhati: Kidney and stomach also benefit from various types of diseases. Pranayam changes our lives. The person who does Pranayam never gets lazy. A new energy is seen in the body of the person doing pranayama and does not feel tired.

We should do Pranayam regularly, before doing Kupalabhati, there is also anulom inverse. By doing alom inversion, the carbon dioxide in our body gets out and supplies oxygen inside, ie the acid inside our body. It goes out and the vital air is circulated in our body.

Cranial gain

1. By doing this pranayama regularly, we keep the irregular amount of fat in our body equal to that.

2. By doing this pranayama, digestion becomes strong.

3. In future also you will never become a victim of diseases like phlegm and breath.

4. Diseases like asthma are eradicated from the root.

Cranial caution

1. This pranayama should be done after 4 hours after eating food.

2. Do not do this pranayama at all during pregnancy.

3. Do not do this pranayama at all where there is dirt.

4. Do not do this pranayama at all in fever, diarrhea and weakness.

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