mahatma gandhi biography

Mahatma Gandhi biography

Mahatma Gandhi biography

Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 at a place called Porbandar in Gujarat. Mahatma Gandhi‘s father’s name was Mohandas and his mother’s name was Putlibai.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi‘s mother Putlibai was highly religious. His routine was left at home and in the temple. When someone in the family fell ill, he or she used to do service in the institution day and night. Mahatma Gandhi believes in non-violence and all things of the world as eternal. Thus he naturally adopted non-violence, vegetarianism, fasting for self-purification and mutual tolerance among those who hold various positions.

Mohandas was an average student although he never won awards and scholarships. He was not fast in both studies and sports. Serving a sick father, he liked to arm the mother in household chores and get out for a long walk alone. In his words, he learned to obey the elders. Gandhiji was married to Kasturba, the daughter of a merchant from Porbandar when he was only 13 years old and attended school.

In 1878, Mohandas Karamchandra Gandhi somehow passed the matriculation examination of Mumbai University and enrolled in Samal Das College, Bhavnagar. Suddenly, going from Gujarati to English language, he had some difficulty in understanding the lecture. Meanwhile, there was a discussion about his future in his family. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi died on 10 February 1949 near the Red Fort.

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